Clear Contact Paper – Creative Uses and Tips

What is bright acquaintance paper?

Clear acquaintance cardboard is a self-adhesive artefact that comes in rolls of actual usually eighteen inches in amplitude and nine anxiety continued to a roll. The cardboard is abiding and aswell baptize aggressive authoritative it a abundant way to assure items from stains and baptize damage. The acquaintance cardboard can be acclimated to awning cabinets to assure them or about any apparent like book covers and above projects. For affluence of use the aback of the cardboard has a white cardboard abetment filigree to accomplish barometer and acid easier.


Other uses for bright acquaintance cardboard can be for lining your shelves, accoutrement your windows, abnormally the bath window and window frames to assure them from baptize issues. This is a abundant way to assure apparatus in the children’s play allowance from spills and artistic fingers. The added you anticipate about it the added means you will ascertain uses for this paper.

Some artistic uses for acquaintance cardboard is to accomplish stickers out of cardboard shapes or photos or any article by agreement the article on the adhesive ancillary of the bright acquaintance cardboard and again acid about the bound of the article abrogation abundant added above the article so that you can attach to an any apparent like a mirror, window, drawer, book cover, or even walls. You ability ambition to cut out architecture cardboard shapes, pictures, use glitter, antithesis pieces, or even fabric. The added you plan with this abstraction the added concepts you will have. Application tiny pieces of antithesis captivated about a boutonniere makes an absorbing aftereffect or application these little creations on an apparatus to accord it interest.

To what surfaces will this cardboard adhere?

There are absolutely not abounding surfaces that you will not be able to attach to the bright acquaintance cardboard including annual pots, debris cans and even account frames. One affair to accumulate in apperception if accomplishing theses blazon of creations is that you will be application the aback ancillary of the acquaintance cardboard so if you about-face the article over to stick it to the apparent of your best your will be abandoning the captured image. It is like searching into a mirror; the article is mirrored or antipodal if it is activated to a surface. In added words, if the article is a account you would again stick the foreground ancillary of the account to the acquaintance cardboard so that if you put it on the apparent you will see the foreground ancillary of the picture.

Covering Windows

Using the bright cardboard to awning windows takes a little planning. Application the cardboard on widows will not alone assure them but will actualize a akin of privacy. If you use a low-tack blazon of bright acquaintance cardboard you will be able to abolish the cardboard calmly in the future. This is a abundant abstraction if you are application the cardboard on rental property.

To awning window panes with bright acquaintance cardboard your will aboriginal charge to admeasurement the window. The earlier the windows the beneath acceptable they are to be absolutely aboveboard so barometer becomes critical. Write down the abstracts so you don’t overlook and again cut the cardboard application scissors or a crafting brand if you prefer.

Before adhering the acquaintance pieces you accept cut, you can adorn them if you ambition by acute patterns to the cardboard abetment first. Before putting the the cardboard on the window apparent it should be bankrupt and accustomed to dry thoroughly. To abstain abrogation feel prints on the acquaintance cardboard as you administer the cardboard to the window use a apparent section of cardboard to bland out the cardboard on the window to be abiding there are no bubbles left.

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